Dentistry for Kids

Meet Dr. Kirk Morris

Kirk Morris, DDS

The best thing about being a pediatric dentist is having the opportunity to build a solid foundation of oral health that can last a lifetime. As the child’s first dentist, we not only have the ability to prevent and treat decay, we have the ability to make visiting the dentist a positive, enjoyable experience. Nothing makes me happier than watching a child with unhealthy teeth and a bad attitude towards dentistry return to the office months later with clean, healthy teeth and a bright smile. I strive to ensure that every child, no matter how they start, can end this way.

I love each child’s unique personality, and appreciate the challenge of really getting to know each one, and in doing so, learning how to interact with them in a way that will make them trust me and feel comfortable communicating with me. I also love teaching the children and their parents about what I know best: teeth! As a new parent myself, I am constantly overwhelmed with things that I don’t know about raising children. An important part of my job that I really enjoy is teaching children and their parents how to take care of the child’s teeth, so that they have one less thing they need to worry about!

I am so happy to be a pediatric dentist. I love the strength of the children’s personalities, the sincerity of their smiles, and the chance that I have to get to know them. It is a great feeling to work as part of a team where we all strive to ensure that their time with us will help each child to become more confident, friendly, healthy, and happy.

Education and continuing education

  • Bachelor of Science in chemistry – Brigham Young University, magna cum laude
  • Doctorate of Dental Surgery – UCLA School of Dentistry, cum laude
  • Pediatric dental residency – University of Tennessee

I love learning about how we as pediatric dentists can help children develop healthy, functional mouths, with teeth that will last for a lifetime. I want nothing more than for every child to grow up with a healthy smile that will bring confidence to them and warmth to others. As an active member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, I continue my education on a regular basis in all aspects of pediatric dentistry.

Outside the office

I grew up in Provo, Utah. After living in both Los Angeles and Memphis, I have finally settled in the Tri-Cities area. I somehow convinced a beautiful, smart, caring redhead named Cheryl to marry me. We now have two amazing children. Cade is almost two years old and is the best-natured, friendliest person I have ever met. He keeps a smile on his face and puts one on everyone around him. Cami just joined our family this year. She started showing off a beautiful smile, and we love watching her get stronger and friendlier every day!

I love spending time outside with my family. I am hopelessly addicted to fly-fishing and can’t seem to spend enough time on the water. I also love backpacking, cycling, running, playing golf, softball, and basketball, and bird hunting. Most of all, I love my wife and kids immensely, and I take seriously the responsibility I have to teach my children to be hard working, honest, considerate individuals. I strive daily to lead by example.

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